Monday, 26 March 2007

Personal Photographer

What a day it was, it was a pretty productive day, well on the most part and today I also became Deejay's personal photographer with his camera today and it had been a day of photos from the start before I was even in school til the end of Starbucks. Naturally uploaded on his Flickr. Anyway on with the blog, the morning was a very tired morning since I was late and I had a late night last night and had one bad photo taken of me almost immediately. hehe Aside from that the rest of the day was pretty good, got some ICT done and amazed a year 12 and Izza with last years Media coursework; as made by Deejay and me. Then it was ICT which is as it always is, a laugh and got some work done this time though. I sat in at lunch and had some funny conversations with the group at lunch as always and I had a lunch this time though the bread on my sandwich wasn't very nice. Miss Sanford had a go at the annoying year 10's and kicked them out as well FOR THE WIN!

After lunch I no longer have psychology and forgot my money for later so went home to get it. My timetable still isn't sorted out though, typical Mrs Yates. On my way home at the four bridges a big fly right into my eye I had to sort it out based on guess and it actually hurt so much so I rushed home and washed my eye out. I was gonna head back to school straight away but got drawn onto my PSP playing Bleach Heat the Soul 3. About 2:30 I headed back to join everyone who was goin to the city for a good Starbucks which involved:

  • Deejay
  • Sarah
  • Liz
  • Tom
  • Cecilia
We had some good talks and quite a lot of fun and the photos still kept coming. I swear there must have been 50 minimum photos today from Deejay's camera. Then since it was a nice day we went to the fountain area and chilled out there until it was time for Deejay's and Sarah's training. This time for a change I was the one being generous by getting Deejay a cake which he didn't like the dark chocolate in it...agreed and Tom his Hot Chocolate.

Once we all split our separate ways I got home and still no-one home no more so I didn't do much though I was really quite tired from something and I leaned back on my chair and the whole thing fell back and now my back really hurts, hopefully nothing to worry about. I also got some pictures of the sunsetting with my camera on my Flickr now which were really nice.

I should really go eat something now hehe. Now I am up to date finally.

Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Track: Brainstorm
Album: Favourite Worst Nightmare
Time: 2:51

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Another birthday in busy?

Still on my day behind posts; well basically on Saturday I had work during the day which was how it usually is..generally however for once it was really busy which is a first (comparable to christmas busy). Anyway after that I went home and chilled out for a while though I was invited out by a few friends from work since he was celebrating his birthday which sounded good and I needed a few drinks to relieve my recent stress and stuff so about 10ish I went out to meet them which originally was gonna be Lloyds but the queue was pretty damn big. LOL so which split from that joint and went to Yates instead, where I had a few beers and bought a shot for everyone (and well calculated since this time there was about eight of us and I randomly guessed eight so that was lucky. I tried my luck at the gambling machine after seeing Gary do well but I failed, lol ah well.

After it was time to hit Mood though since I had trainers on that posed a problem since apparently on Saturday's trainers can't go in Mood (when actually by that time it was actually Sunday). Well I said bye to everyone after since they were half in and I walked home and found its suprisingly safer to walk fishermead at 1:30am than it is 5:30pm...WTF?! LOL

Anyway a quick a list of who was out:

  • Adrian (Birthday Boy...22 already?!)
  • Charlotte
  • Steph
  • Nat
  • Hayley
  • Gary
  • Ricky
Still all in all it was a quite a good night. Clocks went forward though and so we had less sleep than I wanted especially since there was work the next day.

Artist: Ben Kweller
Track: Penny On The Train Track
Time: 4:28

Saturday, 24 March 2007

New Class

Well on Friday I went in to go to my new class since I am only doing an AS in psychology now. My overall opinion is it isn't bad and Craig is in the class as well so someone knows me. The only thing that I find drawback is the size, I forgot what having a full class was like and this class was bigger than my original one when we were in year 12. Still some of the stuff brought up I knew of which was good and I may not fail it this time round. OMFG

The other day Sarah let me use her folders from AS which was really nice of her and so I haven't got to dig up my old work...wherever that lies. Also I have been paid so I have money to start driving again, my aim is to drive for the summer which should be fine if I work hard at it as well. Though there was less than I though however my overtime had not been added on yet so next month will be nice (especially since its before my birthday).

My Bleach Heat The Soul 3 finally came through the post as well which is for my PSP and OH DAIM is it an awesome game!!! I am actually quite addicted to it and its not so japanese and my Naruto game so I can understand the game a lot easier. The end of the week really picked up which is nice and now I got work...well at least that'll show at the end of April. hehe

Only a month left before Heroes!

Artist: Blur
Track: Country House
Album: The Best Of
Time: 3:57

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Calm Relief

I dunno what happened today but I felt a lot better after today, nothing special really happened I guess I accepted my a-level thing. Well anyway the day was quite nice, but damn cold. I think recently I been quite stressed and tense and now I have calmed down a bit. I am really into listening to the calm music of Final Fantasy now as well. After school I went round my Dad's house today and played Madden with my little bro and I was actually losing most of the game until the end with an awesome comeback 45 - 38. Two TDs down at the two-minute bro threw on the bad loser phase after. hehe

I know quite the long entry today though I guess that's all I have to report.

Artist: Nobuo Uematsu
Track: Fragments Of Memories
Album: Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack
Time: 3:18

On a side note there have been a lot of things happening within my friends lately like falling outs, personal issues and stuff and I feel like I am not there for them enough even if I try. Though I don't wanna force it out of them because I don't wanna be disliked for persistently asking or sticking my nose in, I am worried though that something is really wrong. Well I can only try my best at the end.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Downer of a week, whose suprised!

Well it seems that its been a while since I updated my blog or even used much of the net. Last week was quite good went to starbucks with the guys and actually found myself in the city everyday last week for some reason. Well I kinda like the week until Thursday, it was results day surprisingly.

Well my results wasn't exactly what I wanted and I was pretty much disappointed all round.

  • ICT:
    • U - 35UMS - This was a surprising result since I really worked hard on this...though the class fell down on this one so it might be our teachers problem
  • Psychology
    • PYA2 (re-sit) U - 28UMS
    • PYA4 (A2) E - 40UMS
      • Concerning this subject, Miss Naylor is very keen that I no longer continue my A2 and only do AS again. Not that I want to its just it seems my choice went when I flunked.
  • Media
    • MED2 (resit) - D - 52UMS
      • Pretty much the best of them all so far however my media is my strong point since I have quite a high grade in this subject in total.
Yeah well I walked home that day a bit shameful though I guess its my fault at the end of the day. However Deejay, Sarah, Tom and everyone cheered my up so the rest of the day. The thing that bums me out is that A2 discontinuation, I feel like all my efforts in A2 were wasted into nothing. Well the decision isn't final though Miss Naylor is sure that its too much pressure to resit AS and do the A2 exams.

The weekend was nothing special, I just worked and then did some coursework...the reality made me work at least.

Thats pretty much it so far I guess, I know this is a depressing update but they are there sometimes.

Artist: Queen
Track: You're My Best Friend
Album: Greatest Hits
Time: 2:52

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

This Ordinary Day

I seem to be a day behind on all my posts so basically this post it what happened on the 13th rather than the 14th. Ah well I'll fix that at some point. Anyway today was nothing out of the ordinary it seems. Though Miss Naylor even though was in yesterday had to go home at lunch because she couldn't move her neck as she still has a state of whiplash; I can understand her shock though I get the feeling my class has fell behind a bit even if we are doing the work. Well we had group work to do anyway though we had our heart to heart class discussion again about a few things. When Mark found out we had no teacher he was gone in like the fasted speed I have seen him in...XD

Home wasn't that interesting either today because everyone was out since my bro had a guitar lesson and stuff. I ended up watching Heroes from episode 1 again out of boredom however Heroes is never a boring thing. I cannot wait til its back in April.

Artist: Jack Johnson
Track: Holes to Heaven
Album: On and On
Time: 2:54
Lyrics: There were so many fewer questions,
When stars were just the holes to heaven

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

KO'd/Sunday Mayham

I know I posted this kinda late but I was a little busy, anyway right onto the blog. On saturday I went to Covenrtry University to check it out and looks at my possible choice. I found it really good the day in general, the uni looked pretty cool and my little bro enjoyed it because he kept taking any freebess on every table he could find. The parents and applicants were split up into two and then split again based on the course in the Computer and Engineering section. Since mine was all multimedia and creative computing it was really interesting. I also got a good look at the accomodation there. Then we went to the church there which was really amazing the look of it and outside there were marial arts demonstructions like Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Sword Mastery which was all really good as well. Then we went to the transport museum for my brothers sake since he was getting quite bored which was quite intersting though at this point my camera ran out of battery unfortunatly since I was gonna take it to the following party for Deejay's sake.

After all the we headed home and I got back about 4:45 then I got ready to go over to Leigh's house to chill and stuff. He has just got Tiger Woods 2007 and hes addicted, still I was so much better than him since I played it before. LOL

We left to pick up Kester and get his drinks and such around 7:10 and arrived at Deejays at somepoint after 7:30. The party itself was really good and everyone had a great time. The actual details of the party are on Night and Day's blog on my links since I'd be copying it otherwise. Though I did have my moment when I had a go at someone and then got sad about something else. After that Deejay cheered me up and everyone gave me hug and made me feel better. Thanks guys I love you thanks for being there for me.

There was a point where we got really drunk and ended up moshing to Fall Out Boy and then Deejay literally KO'd me accidently but I didn't realise til I heard someone shout "Give him some space, you fucking knocked him out!" from Katy. Deejay helped me up and everything.

A lot happend that day but it was still really good!

Artist: Fall Out Boy
Track: This Ain't a Scene, It's An Arms Race
Album: Infinity On High
Time: 3:31

>Sunday Mayham

Work was a bit crazy today since there was nobody in except a few people and it got really quite busy at moments, even as I was leaving it got busy and only one person was left serving since two of us finished both at 3 though I stayed a few minutes longer. That was generally the day when I got home I didn't actually do much at all.

Friday, 9 March 2007

Happy 18th Birthday Deejay

As the title says it was Deejay's birthday and it was a good one as well. I was running a bit late and got in when the bell went walk in form and there is one happy Deejay with a sack of gifts. I gave him my gift as well which was Hand Of Death to complete or near complete his JC (Jackie Chan) collection which was directed by John Woo which is awesome because Pete got him a John Woo collection. Anyway also when trying to finish my essay I was called up with Phil to the study area to see Mrs Gray where Cla and a few others also gathered and we were what I first called it a secret mission as my and Phil were trying to lead people on. Really an assistant head of another school was finding out and comparing his school to ours as sixth formers. It was pretty good actually the talk we had (which took place in period 4) though as a result I never got Miss Naylor's essay in...OH WELL! hehehe

Anyway I stayed in lunch to sit with everyone for a while longer and stick with Deejay on his birthday who looked quite smart today with his tie on. Sarah also put up posters of him of his progression of his hair style in the past.

After school I didn't do much til I had work which as usual wasn't all that interesting at the moment. However the main shutter (market side) was closed. I'll be honest I had a small smile of joy for the tiny moment of thinking it closed. hehe Nah its really jammed not good really since customers had to enter through the fire exit also my entrance to staff area. One of my managers made a good joke just before work about how good it would be to see a shoplifter smack straight into it it as they were running. Cruel but funny as hell.

Artist: R.E.M.
Track: Its the end of the world as we know it!
Album: Document
Time: 4:03

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Day of Disfunction

The lessons from today were so out of place it changed a typical Thursday. First of all ICT our teacher wasn't in however Mr. Garwood who was in the room at the time made us stay in. Its okay I got the rest of my media essay done. WOOT one down. Then RE a mix as well because first there was a CAFOD speaker and Deejay collected the donations in his hat, what a tool! Then we went back to our classes and we watched the beginning of The Sixth Day which was about Arnie getting cloned. Then went to the library to research cloning. Then media was room changed to the PE lab again. Then I sat in at lunch for a while and talked with everybody and left around 2 to go home. I get home and watch my dosage of anime like Bleach and Kiba and had some lunch...which has seemed to be my dinner since I haven't eaten since. Anyway after I started one of my psychology essays for tomorrow and then I had to leave for work. That was quite interesting and a little busy today and some odd customers came in today I must say. That was pretty much it and I should really get re-started on my essay though I can't be bothered.

Artist: Ben Folds Five
Track: Army
Album: The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner
Time: 3:25

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Working Wednesday/Cross the Line...What line? Its gone!

I have to say I have never done so much work on such an empty day of work. Basically today I spent all day working on my ICT coursework to submit today. I worked on it for the first four periods and then even stayed after lunch to do it on the last two periods. I build a headache through it all. Lunch was quite amusing because we got a preview of Gavin at Deejay's party for Saturday and then also I teased him when his girlfriend called how he was all hyper then calm the next. He said "Jo can you give me a minute" to which I got up and he chased me round the cafe. Then carried on his phone call after. Also he came with make with Chips, cheese and sauce and nothing from the cafe. The last two periods was spent with Lizi and Cecelia who read Deejay's long blog and talked about Amsterdam. It was a nice chilled afternoon.

Artist: Snow Patrol
Track: Run
Album: Final Straw
Time: 5:54

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Talkitive Tuesday

Tuesday is usually a busy day since its a full day but this time it wasn't bad. First period I talked to my ICT teacher about my coursework and got that sorted out. Then pretty much chilled in form til the assembly. Second period was quite funny in general studies where it was group presentation and Gavin, Pete and me just prepared with minimal effort and drew Robocop since it was based on AI. It was pretty funny. ICT was as it always though Cla was missing today. Media studies with Miss Sanford was okay and our teacher wasn't that late this time. OMFG. Lunch was a good laugh from tickling antics to eating of paper. Gavin has now become famous for getting crappy drinks in the cafe. Then to top it all off he came back with really bad looking pizza and only threw it away in the end. Psychology was off-course as well because Miss Naylor is still in shock from the car crash and at first we thought the year 12 attacked our card from yesterday since it was gone! What actually happened was Mr Winter took it to her house but we re-made one a lot better this time. We really impressed Mrs Howorth though because of all the cover classes we got organised are ready to work and started already before she entered. Since there was a presentation on the board we were this time taught by Katy, whom really enjoyed it as well. Once that was done we had a typical class talk and then all still managed to answer our 5 marks questions we had to do.

Then I walked up city with Sarah, Tom, Ceceila and Anita. In the end I forgot why I actually needed to go up and just went to my Dad's house. I ended up playing Titan Quest which is an RPG and actually pretty damn good. I seemed quite hyper and in a very good mood today, not sure why though but its not a bad thing.

Artist: Orson
Track: Bright Idea
Album: Bright Idea
Time: 4:15

Monday, 5 March 2007

Good old Mondays/ One Month for Blog

Start of the week to start fresh and this time I'm not ill this week. hehe Today was like my normal Monday though everyone was back from Amsterdam now and Deejay showed me his photos and everyone told me their stories. A lot of it sounded really good and funny, which is good they had a good time. Had frees in the morning and chilled out with Cla and later joined by Chris Grimes. Then ICT in its same old content however Stephen found a site where we can play videos in school for the while. Not bad and tv-links uses it quite often as well which is good. Had psychology at the end of the day as well and Miss Naylor wasn't in because she had a car crash on Friday which sounds bad. Miss Crane said she wasn't gonna sit in the class but she agreed to the idea that we could make a group card (a way to pass time) for Miss Naylor. Though I guess we can say there was no real work done since the cover work was quite easy and in the end we ended up telling our stories and stuff all digging into each others personal life. It was quite nice and funny at times as well. Then second half of the lesson we watch A Beautiful Mind since it was part of our work which was quite good actually. Although I ended up looking through some woman's mag with Sophie and Katy. Quite a positive day all in all. Got home and started work on some coursework, its hitting me finally to seriously work for my A-Level. A little late but better than later.

Also it seems today it has been a whole month that I have had this blog, I wouldn't say the most dedicated by still not bad for me. Hopefully there will be many more posts to come.

Artist: Kasabian
Track: Shoot The Runner
Album: Empire
Time: 3:27

Sunday, 4 March 2007

The Typical Sunday

Today wasn't a bad day, weather was miserable though. Got up this morning quite early and went to church which I haven't done in quite a while and met up with a few people whom I haven't seen in a while and told about uni plans and such. Gotta say it was a very depressing sermon though; decapitation and torture was the main focus. Anyway after on the way home, I had a text from Aaron who had spare Fratellis tickets for Brixton and unfortunately I don't have enough money for that and Coventry next week so I had to pass which was a shame but nice offer though. Then around 2 we had dinner which was quite nice actually; Turkey, Rice and veg but the rice and some chicken flavour added to it or something. I also had some ice cream for dessert and thats my Sunday. Afterwards I have pretty much been working on my media coursework, I really need to sort it out badly.

Artist: Muse
Track: Knights Of Cydonia
Album: Black Holes and Revelations
Time: 5:58

Saturday, 3 March 2007

The Day Off

Today was a very long and empty day. Since I had no work today since I had booked time off for other reasons originally I ended up sitting it at home. Though ironically even though it was my day-off I still went into work since I had to sort out my problem for next Saturday. Next Saturday is my day trip to Coventry University to explore the campus and such and I had attempted to book off that weekend for holiday as well however since too many people have it book I was unable to take it. In the end they said that it'll have to be unpaid holiday which isn't the worst, better than an ultimatum or something. hehe After that was all sorted out I went to Waterstones to check the latest manga and ended up getting some School Rumble manga...its really good and since I loved the show I want the manga as well - while in there I bumped into Phil who was working.

Then I headed home and ate dinner and stuff. Then time passed by after all the reading, and I had another phone call from the Amsterdam people. Sounds like they are having a great time which is good. The call was all in persuasion of me having a house party but remembering last time and that was quite the sober party. Also my house is not a good location for a party - too messy. Anyway they said a few of them are stoned but not sure who was and wasn't. hehe

Artist: Weezer
Track: We Are All On Drugs
Album: Make Believe
Time: 3:35

End of the Short Week

Well today was friday already and the end of the week (which was a very short week of school for me due to illness and/or death conspiracy hehe). Today wasn't bad actually psychology with Miss Crane and we got in small groups to write an essay the failed. My group was only a four where the others were five and my members were: Aaron, Jon and Suella (can't spell her name sorry). Since both Aaron and Jon are literate perfectionists it took 10 minutes to finish a five mark question, though it was quite funny. Still managed to pull 8 marks...out of 30...yeah. Then after that I had break which was quite hyped with excited people for amsterdam and stuff then I had free periods which I spent with Maye and the computers. I now have now completed 2 out of the 4 people whos gifts I need to buy for this month. However my money isn't looking all that good which is a little worrying... Then it was lunch which I decided to stay in school for this time since its easier to buy food than prepare at home, though I wish I did because I was 10p short of a meal and a drink so I had a drink and the worst pizza ever. Also there was hardly anyone in the cafe today. There was only Liz, Livia, Lorna, Laura and Mary and then Pete followed shortly by Gavin and Mark came in who had these bacon rolls that what Matt described eariler. Though it was roudy for the younger years and they had a like a food fight on the table behind and one of the chips hit Gavin, which is when all the kids disappeared very fast. It was such a mess though.

After lunch I headed home and didn't do anything I can say productive since I already watched Naruto in the morning. I did start watching Whose Line Is It Anyway again which I haven't actually watched in soo long. Makes me laugh everytime, originally a UK sitcom but now airs in the US since its a lot more popular there.

I also had a phone call around 1:30 from the people in amsterdam and it was funny but hard to understand some of it since theres was shouting a screaming in some cases. hehe Sounds like they are having a good time though apprently they went to sleep shortly after. They sounded very hyper to me.

Artist: Beastie Boys
Track: Intergalactic
Album: Beastie Boys Anthology
Time: 3:32

Thursday, 1 March 2007

The Very Un-Busy Week

There has been a lack of updates this week on blog due to the fact I was ill and had nothing really much to report. I was off school from Monday to Wednesday and finally came back to school on Thursday to find out that there was a conspiracy I was dead!!! Yeah guys the afterlife was quite boring so I came back. hehe To top of my wonderful week of illness (yeah right) I received a rather ridiculous email as well which is the last thing I wanna wake up to honestly but it happens.

School was pretty good today and it was nice to be back. First lesson was ICT which was the same as always teacher arrives 20 minutes later and we just do our work anyway. Deejay showed me some of Gray's latest work on:

One of my favourites was Lemon Man ep. 1

Then break time which was quite funny and everyone was loud and excited and Pete had his t-shirt with a big hand on the back which everyone kept slapping. hehe Then the next lesson was RE which was looking to be boring however our teacher had to go to a meeting so therefore we had quite a crazy lesson; first we went upstairs due to room change, yes we got the work done - credit to Deejay for writing it all out, then Deejay brought the camera and took photos to prepare for future GIFS. Also there was some good discussion between Jen, Rosie and me.

Then another room change was media where we went to the PE lab. I had my coursework handed back and OH MAN I am gonna have a lot of work to do. Though I got a article on Tarantino which was actually really interesting and I can now link Battle Royale in my essay...just awesome! The lesson was based on Cop shows and there is talk of both media classes going to see Hot Fuzz, which will be really awesome if that does happen.

After that it was time to head home where I didn't get much done I guess and prepared for work. Work was dead the moment I arrived so obviously lots of fun, though there some real picky customers.

Artist: Offspring
Song: Spare Me The Details
Album: Splinter
Time: 3:24