Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Longest Day

June 21: Official longest day in the year, and no kidding, there were still glimmers of light at 11:35pm.

Not a whole lot to talk about really now, my rooms has been throughly tidied now since I have cleared all of my school work from two years and it went to three bags full for the rubbish. Theres a small amount of it left since mother said its better to keep some just in idea why but why not. Anyway the room is not a lot clearer and only needs a few finishing touches and to dump by sell or charity shop some items. The music by Tom Jones, Muse and James Morrison also kept me in a good mood.

I have also started playing once again Final Fantasy VIII since one I found it and two its just awesome. Starting again always gets me right into it.

Work wasn't bad although due to all cut hours I had to run top floor since the other guy claimed he couldn't be bothered and that I do it much better apparently. Nevertheless it was more interesting that doing nothing.

Short blog but they happen.

Artist: Nobuo Uematsu
Track: Fragments of Memories
Album: Final Fantasy VIII Soundtrack
Time: 3:18

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

From Summer to Storm

Yesterday I had an interesting day out in the sun, it was a very nice day which in a small affect brightened my mood. First I headed up to help my mum on Ben's birthday present which was an interesting process. Then straight after I had met up with Leigh and his Dad since my phone's screen died and they had the guarantee and I was quite lucky about that actually. My phone has been sent off for repair. When walking looking at phones and stuff in general we bumped into Sean on his lunch break whom is the same as always. We also had lunch at Burger King, my first fast food in a long long time since I am generally off fast food. However at least BK have cooked burgers. Since I found out at work all hours are cut and none available my old head of entertainment said it'd be better to hold a second job and Leigh informed me there might be an opening at Blockbuster which would be helpful for my savings this summer...and the pay is higher than Woolworths ironically. We went down there and I filled out an application then we headed back to Leigh's to play some 360 for a bit before walking his dog. When we got back we also headed over to PC World since I would not believe his docking station cost £20 since I saw an identical one in Woolies catalogue for £60. Though I was wrong and it was £20, so I purchased it since it would be very useful for me and save me the need of using pc all the time.

After this I headed off home and then I bumped into Zairene on her way back from extra study at her school...a day of seeing old faces I have to say. When I got home I didn't do that much but that night a massive thunder storm hit which was quite surprising and funny watching all the people outside run around in heavy rain.

Artist: James Morrison
Track: If The Rain Must Fall
Album: Undiscovered
Time: 4:05

Oh life can be strange
Good and bad in so many ways
And in time you will find
That things are not always what they seem

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Last Chance...Didn't kick!

My final exam of my school life at St. Pauls Catholic School was today and it was my media studies which I was pretty confident about and happy to take the exam since I felt really prepared to give it a really good go. Gave a lot of time for practice exams and such making sure that I would do successfully. Well anyway I got to school at 11:30 to do some more work at school since concentration at home was lacking. I sat up in Sixth form area with Joe and Sara also preparing for media and just themselves finished their History exam. It was a good little discussion we had and made me remember some stuff I forgot in my media.

Mrs Howorth also asked us to vote for the nominations for prom awards and I found out I was one of four for Teenage Drama Queen...honestly I have no idea how but Mrs Howorth suggested I vote I did. heh

Then it was clinch time to take that final two exams and my mind was mentally prepared for MED4 since as far as I knew we were doing MED4 first, little I find I was mistaken. Both exams in general, I did far worse than I desired and far worse than I needed to get so I was not very much impressed with myself after the work I put in. The clips were hard to analyse in my opinion and my hand really hurt only after the first paper. After the exam I was very quiet and only spoke when spoke to really. My disappointment in myself took its toll and since then I have been thinking what I should do now I am questioning whether I make the Uni I desire. I was considering a college course to gain a few last extra points but my mom seems to be rather against it. In total its been a crash and burn day and kinda a downer to the start of my summer. I do hope everyone else does well though and good luck to them all.

Artist: Muse
Track: Hyper Music
Album: Origin of Symmetry
Time: 3:21

Friday, 15 June 2007

June Showers

Today I had my final exam in ICT and the last ICT thing ever...whohoo celebrate. However the night before I was really ill and still ill during most of the day which really swayed me, the walk to school I thought I was actually gonna be sick. Anyway once I got down in the exam and concentrated on something else I soon got concentrated though it took 15 minutes before I even used my iPod. I played Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack all the way through whilst in the exam and then the usual lot afterwards. The exam went quite well...well I say that but never again because last time we said that it was not so good so for now it was so so. I got all sections completed still so its somewhere.

After the exam I got down the bottom of J-Block to find that it was actually pouring and pouring down with rain. Cla and I were just sitting in contemplating whether to make a run for it. Before long Sarah and Cecilia came running in the rain both drenched. We sat around until we gave up waiting and made a run to the nearby shelter, when we got there I realised I forgot my iPod in the exam room, so I ran it and got drenched but got the Pod back. When I got back to Sarah and Cecilia the rain slowed itself for a bit and Cla was already gone though. Anyway we left the school and walked up, today was collection day for prom money so I had to draw money out for Cecilia who is paying it all. However we had to head to my house first since I needed my card. The rain was heavy and weak on and off so it was strange but we had some good old chit chat. Unfortunatly for Sarah and Cecilia they both had flip-flops and their feet got soaked. Anyway the long way to the city was interesting and when we got there the girls got themselves some food. Sarah headed to work, I gave money to Cecilia where we all parted ways.

From there it was time to go on a suit search for the Prom and even though I was back and fourth I got one at Suits You hired for £30. I went with a Tie over the bow-tie this time though. hehe. I also bought myself a t-shirt from H&M for £8 since I myself want some newer clothes since I am getting bored and I saw a t-shirt I wanted on the revision day. I didn't buy all much else since I am still lacking money despite getting payed due to tight budget.

Work came right around the corner so headed over to work which wasn't interesting really since it was heavily dead and too hot for its own good. I am planning to purchase a fan tomorrow provided its not raining for the walk home so that I can cool down my room which is like being at work in the summer.

Artist: Muse
Track: Muscle Museum
Album: Showbiz
Time: 4:22

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Viva las Vegas!

On this cloudy morning I had my MED 1 Media Exam which took a long time to get into the exam room. Mr. Bacon never read any of the year 13's sitting MED 1 and so we had to wait till the very end before even starting the exam. By 9:20am we finally got in and settled down. One of the Asker's (Rebecca) missed her name since she was sitting MED 2 but wasn't sure where to go. It was all a state of confusion really.

Anyway the exam clip was of a show back in 2004 called Blackpool which started some interesting names such as David Tennant and some names I can't recall either. Nevertheless none of the plot was shown but I was under the impression it was meant to link to Las Vegas. It was like a musical since all the characters shown were singing Viva las Vegas by Elvis. That song then rang through my head the whole exam. Thank god for Liz though since she gave me that Key Concepts book since I remembered stuff that I forgot on my read-up in the morning and made planning really easy. The exam itself went really well and I was pretty proud fitting all of MIGRAIN on in detail with what how and why to it all...pretty much.

The exam finished at 10:35 and we were out pretty fast, when asking Liz, Lizi and Hannah we all agreed it was rather easy...much better than a sky sports rugby advert. For part of the way I was talking to Sara about the exams and other exams we are taking. She has to do two History exams on top of the two media exams on the same day. Feel quite sorry for her.

The rest of the day was a bit of a laze and work later on was quite boring and unusually boring for a thursday.

Artist: Elvis Presley
Track: Viva las Vegas
Album: Elvis Presley: The 50 Greatest Hits
Time: 2:20

Monday, 4 June 2007

Well today being monday but can't be bothered to change settings, eight of us went to see Pirates of Carribean: At Worlds End. Deejay, Sarah, Liz, Pete, Tom, Cecelia, Anita and I all met around Cineworld at 6:30/7pm where we chatted for a while until it was time for the film. The cinema was pretty packed and sat infront of the barrier this time which was a rare thing. The film was pretty good, kinda dragged but the Jack Sparrow humour and epic battle at the end made up for it. There was a small clip which I had against me if it was a waste of time...which it kinda was. Though we had fun playing a game find your name in credits which I used to do when I was six. Tom won since Tom and Ryan are very popular names.

Other than that apart from the change in blog layout not much has happened.

Artist: Klaxons
Track: Golden Skans
Album: Myths of the Near Future
Time: 2:45

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Beating the Hangover

This is my first blog in 35 days which really isn't good. In that time involved my birthday, last day of school, Sarah's house party and many other activities which were just awesome...I just couldn't be bothered to blog so lazy on my part. To save the longest blog entry ever I will just start again from now.

Also thanks for some great times for past events everyone!

Now then onto the blog:

Yesterday was what I think a pretty hectic day, first of all I had a lack of sleep since I had trouble sleeping so at most I had only about five hours of sleep. Then the day was pretty much normal with work and such which was really dead upstairs due to Race for Life apprently so work went fine and Karl the store manager wasn't in due to holiday so he won't need to bother me with random jobs...which honestly I prefer if its off the shop floor. hehe. Also I am called Marshall by a lot of people now at Woolworths, confuses the hell out of those who don't know my surname such as those on other departments whom I don't really know myself.

Anyway after work I chilled at home and prepared for a night out. Since it was my friend Tom Meakins birthday, he organised a work mass gathering for his birthday and this time people who don't usually come, came!

Off the top of me head the following came along:


Not a huge list but some people prioritise work for next day but enough for a good time since I am closer to quite a few of the ones in the group.

Well I left home at around 10ish and got up for about 10:20 where I queued to get into Lloyds, the bouncer was odd since he thought I was drunk. My response - "I literally just came from home?" Anyway I get in to find they are still in the queue so I waited it out for five minutes, some of them had already been out at Yates since they arrived at 9 but I didn't want to get drunk too early. Once all were in we got some drinks, I got five shots of sambucca for the members who wanted it and they were; Tom, Dave, Adrian, Steph and I. Dave has Daniel buy him another shot and then doubled the original shot and waited for a light to light the dirnk. The lighting failed miserably so he took the shot and put the lighter in his mouth and lit it. Dave said it doesn't burn this way? I was unconvinced. We also hit the games machine doing the quiz on there which is interesting when drunk. We won and the shares were split which was nice, then it was time for more drink. After a while we got bored of Lloyds and headed outside which was an interesting walk since Tom ran a road nearly ran over with Kelly herself nearly doing the same. Crazy stuff for a short walk. hehe

We all headed off the Mood which is where the fun of the night really began since the small dramas between some started and we all got throughly drunk. The cameras all came out at this point as well. The night progressed as things do in mood such as dancing and so on. I also bumped into an old friend from my first school called Mark Dent which was a nice suprise its been ages since I seen that legend of a guy.

Then around 3am some people needed to go home. The first to leave were Adrian, Charlotte and Steph and then Tom and Gary headed in another cab down to Pink Punters, but a few of us decided Tom drank too much and was trying to persuade him to go home. Due to reasons we were unconvinced. For a while it was just Kelly, Beccy, Dave, Daniel and me who sat on the curb for taxi though we never found a correct one. We dirverted it to Blechely to make sure Tom got home and on the way dropped Beccy and Kelly home. Then until it £17 fare (black cab) we walked rest. The three remaining went through Blechely High Street which is strange a 3:30am. We got some weird video of us acting...well drunk. Tom did get home though and then he and his mom picked us up to take us home. I got back a 4am where sky was getting bright but never actually went asleep til 5.

I woke up at 6:50 since I could not sleep in the heat of my room even with the window wide open. I also intended to do some car-booting so early morning was a neccessay thing, though no one got up till about 10 in the end anyway. Strangely I had no hangover and nor was I tired. The weather today is beautiful and hope the weather keeps. Now its time wasting til 7 when I see Pirates of Carribean.

Artist: Gwen Stefani
Track: The Sweet Escape
Album: The Sweet Escape
Time: 4:06