Wednesday, 25 April 2007

First Card

Well it seems the sun is back...then its gone and now its back. It is in and out of the clouds however there is still nice weather about. Despite the tight deadlines set by ICT and essays from Psychology my mood is still pretty bright. With all that its just over four weeks left of school..EVER which honestly feels a bit scary.

Anyway the day was alright, I was late getting to school, mainly because I was doin my Psychology work late and on the morning. hehe I got in at 9:08 and went straight to class. Craig was ill today so I sat this one alone. I sat my frees with Pete and Mark which was funny since Pete found the top of his jokes...though not to be taken literally. Media was nicely laid back as well watching a spoof reality like Police show called... however I didn't like it that much since it irritated me a little. Also due to the Art exam the class was very empty and there were only nine of us in class.

I had to leave at lunch this time to pick up Simon's (my mum's boyfriend) birthday present since its his birthday today. I got him Saw III. I walked up with Sarah and Cecelia where we have our usual chats about stuff and some upcoming events.

When I got home I had some post however it was my first birthday card, a week early however still the wonderful birthday was from Coventry University. Yup obviously the highlight of my day. LOL

Anyway I got Leavers Mass tonight and then after its up to nexus however I very little money now unfortunately, I am gonna have to leave Thursday night out this time as well. >_>

Artist: Ben Folds
Track: Still Fighting It
Album: Rockin' the Suburbs
Time: 4:25

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Dazed and Confused

This is by far one of the weirdest weekends I have had in ages, well in a sense. Also sorry for no recent updates I been a little busy with ICT coursework which always seems far from complete. Well I gotta repeat it was one hectic weekend at work and I say Woolworths heat does not make it any easier. hehe

Anyway Saturday was quite busy and I was sorting a lot of stock out and such. However then there was at one point a radio call for me from the store manager to go to his office. Then I go in sit down then he says to me that £20 went missing apparently about a week ago on a till that I used. I could not recall any mistake or anything but then he went and accused me for stealing it from the till based on that as evidence and so he said he inform the police if it happens again. I wouldn't have the guts in actual truth to steal from the till plus its only £20 which would be rather cheap. >_> After that I made sure I just keep off the tills for a while unless its necessary so I don't make a mistake like that...if in fact it had anything to do with me at all. Also to top it all off that day I found out that someone already knew something which I apparently had a secret and only a few people knew. I was very tired after that day of work.

Sunday was no different from business even if I never was on till. I was working on the new promotions on the ends of aisles. Then again it was more enjoyable because I was chatting a lot of the time with quite a few people however the day did drag on. However going home was no fun since I only had more courseworks and stuff to do. On top of that I fell ill that night.

Due to illness I was unable to attend school so I just rested up and tried to get more work done though I didn't get much done since I felt like crap. I guess its because of my stress thats building up because I am revising Psychology as well since the exam I take is before our study leave even. Theres just so much to look at and now I am waking at times like 4am and stuff since my body clock is gone crazy

I just hope these next five weeks can be harmless, I get the feeling a lot is going to happen.

Artist: Ben Folds Five
Track: Underground
Album: Ben Folds Five
Time: 4:11

Monday, 16 April 2007

"Thats Numberwang"

A good start to the week I have to say, I seem a lot brighter than when I did two weeks ago which is proberly due to the fact I am not so worried about coursework as I once was which is a relief. Anyway my day started at 10am when I awoke, no-one was in since Mum was working and Ben was at school. It was really hot though so I got myself a good cold glass of water to wake up to. I was in a Ben Folds Five mood today so on goes my PC and on goes Army. The weather was really nice as well so I had my windows wide open.

Before long I got a little bored since I was in a house like a week long so I thought a walk is in order so about 1pm I went up to the city in the heat which was hotter than my house. Still the breeze was nice and since theres no noisy kids around it was very quiet Fishermead. At the city I went straight to the bank to cash in a cheque of a whopping £2.38. The person who used the machine left their bank card in the machine on the main menu, still after I did my transaction I returned it a staff member. I then headed to Waterstone's and bought Rurouni Kenshin manga and they were on 3 for 2 offer which was nice as well. I also needed to buy a few birthday cards while in that location. I went to HMV to check out albums but bought Mitchell and Webb Live for only £7 as well. Then I was really hot so the best solution was a Starbucks Camamel Frappachino and boy was it awesome. I haven't had one since last summer and it really cooled me down. I then went home not long after since I'd be a loner if I just sat at the city..alone. LOL

When I got home I washed up and then watched Mitchell and Webb which was really funny and kept up my positive attitude. Its a shame I just know the upcoming studies and exams are gonna bring down my mood but thats what happens.

Artist: Ghosts
Track: Stay The Night
Time: 3:44

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Stranded in the Heat

I guess its time to make an account of my most useless moment ever! Well its a blazing Easter Sunday afternoon with wonderful weather so I was in a good mood despite my family being away and on my own due to work. Anyhow I was due to visit my Dad and some family who came from up north down to visit and I dunno why but I seemed in a rush to get out and got half way there then realised I left the keys at home. So I shut myself out my house and felt so damn stupid for it. After trying to break in my house and failing I went over my Dad's where I could stay the night though I felt guilty imposing on them. I still feel really stupid for it but I guess it happens anyway Mum came home early on the Monday so I could get to work on time and boy was I thankful to her. However I felt quite down around then and then I was told I had to look after my brother all week during the day while Mum was working in London on a conference which means I missed a few events which I really wanted to go to but I guess you can't make them all.

So my week panned out like that until Friday when I popped round Leigh's house for a while where I lent him my phone(s) since he broke his Dad's phone and they needed a spare which I have two spares. lol Also we played some Fifa 2007 against computer and against each other. It was quite fun. Very nice weather we have been blessed by as well, though Woolworths turns into an oven in this weather.

Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Track: Because Of You
Album: Breakaway
Time: 3:39

Friday, 6 April 2007

The Night of the Woolies Massive

Well this untypical Thursday was pretty much a recovery day from the previous day. I had to work today and straight after was the big night out for those that work at Woolies which has been planned for a while by the man Greg and Steph who took an idea where we should have night out around this time with a convo with me into action. Well first after work I had to rush home whom I saw Charlene on my way home and when I got home I got my kit together like money and stuff. I also cracked open the Absinthe since drinking in Oce is expensive. This took a very big affect on my later on. About three shots of that was enough for the meantime and so I headed up to the city and beat queue and never got ID this time as well (a first for Oce and me). Everyone saw me in the window so I didn't need to search for them. Quite a lot were already there and I saw some faces whom I haven't seen since Christmas either. We sat downstairs for a while where waiting for everyone together then after a while we headed up to the Disco. About now that Absinthe really kicked in along with my double Vodka and j20 which it felt a bit early as well for drunkenness. We took over the cornet in the Disco room and chilled there for the night, heading onto the dance floor for a while as well. People left at points to go elsewhere and some had to go home for work the next day. At about 2:30 I got really tired and also decided to leave because I was in no state to drink nor party anymore. I think I walked back through a kinda quiet Fishermead. I did hear hear loud voices in a distance and possibly something was happening though I just wanted to go home and avoid fights and troubles.

I quite enjoyed myself actually though I may have told a few people things that I don't think I was gonna reveal and upsetting a few people by taking some drinks when they weren't mine. For this I am really sorry if I pissed anyone off while its a day old I had a little too much to be honest and I also was a bit down about another matter. The night was still amazing though we had a great time and everyone was enjoying themselves on the whole. I also compiled a list of people I am aware who were there, though there was a few people I never met before so they might not appear because proberly didn't see you.

  • Greg
  • Leanne
  • Steph
  • Rach
  • Charlotte
  • Gary
  • Adrian
  • Nat
  • Hayley
  • Daniel
  • Beccy
  • Stacy
  • Lucy
  • Shelley
  • Farid
  • Clarie
  • Estelle
  • Dave
  • Charlotte
  • Scott
  • Jay
  • Sarah
I'll edit the list if I missed someone.

Artist: The Foundations
Track: Build Me Up Buttercup
Time: 2:59
Album: There's Something About Mary Soundtrack

Lost in Track / A Day with the Best

Right I realised that its been too long since I have updated this blog and I really should get it updated since I have had a very productive week. Anyway I'll sum it up short:

Easter Holiday Day 1: Nothing in Particular
Easter Holiday Day 2: Went into school to do my ICT...really uncool.
Easter Holiday Day 3:

Well today was my first proper day off from all the coursework I have had my head on. It was also one hell of an amazing day and I doubt I will get it all down since its a lot to write. First of all at about 2pm we left the house in search of Sarah's house which took about 15 to 20 minutes since Mum got lost in Walnut Tree was quite funny though. Then when we got there Deejay, Liz and Cecilia were already there watching Theres Something About Mary, a well good film. It seemed a bit quiet when I got there though however that changed fast later on. Pete who was meant to bring something couldn't get it so that was a shame though when he got to Sarah's we went to the shops to get some alcohol for LJ's party...which yes I was invited to.

Pete told us about this new thing he heard...munging and it makes you feel sick so I won't explain it either. Still it was quite a funny topic. We came across some giant snails and Pete was disappointed they wasn't real. On the way back we apparently took a short-cut to Sarah's though it felt the same distance however it was fine since we were all enjoying ourselves in talk anyway. When we got back we started drinking earlier instead and watched Harold and Kumar get the Munchies which was really funny. Sarah also showed her Secret Stash which basically had a LOT of wine and Pasta...really all the essentials. We also had a photo fest with Deejay's hat. Before long it was already time to go to LJ's party so we had a taxi booked and a mini-bus size one as well to fit us all. The taxi split into the girls and the guys where Deejay, Pete and I had some more photo snaps at the back. When we got there I don't think they could hear us knocking and ringing since we were waiting until Mark answered the door where we recited "HAPPY HALLOWEEN"...he was like WTF?! The party was how house parties usually are we dropped the drinks and we chatted and Tom jumped in from surprise, Leigh joined a bit late but made it.

I am more on the Vodka scene lately and seem to be going off Beer, I didn't touch my beers and ended up getting rid of them later. Anyway we had Pass the Parcel and I won which was quite cool. It seemed drinks were beginning to run low so Deejay, Liz, Leigh and I went to the shop where only Deejay bought drink in the end though Liz bought some Cigarettes which got us started. Tom mixed his new Smirnoff Ice with his absinthe to give it a new zing so it went a cloudy green, still tasted good. There was a second trip to the shop involving Tom, Sarah, Leigh, Pete and I. When we got back we were hanging outside having some nice talks and smoking and Sophie joined us outside who was shocked to find I smoke on occasion too. Though I forgot about pulling when it got lit up since my mind was in a daze over something where I got ripped. I guess I deserved it that time. However it came to the time where a group of us were kicked out the house for going out a few times which made LJ angry...yet again £200 and ruined house party were in the same sentence though I wasn't that surprised either. Leigh got really angry and wanted to taunt her though we prevented him. The members booted were: Deejay, Sarah, Pete, Liz, Leigh, Tom and myself which was half of the party.

Nevertheless we all walked from Shenley to Oldbrook to the City Xscape where we dropped my coat (in the bag) and Pete's bag at his house. Well the walk was very interesting and fun because we had Pete lunge into a light post on an apparent dare where Deejay told Pete to do so when actually he said "Stop!". hehe We walked from roads, moving diverted traffic signs (on an underpass?), putting some sandbag on my head, great talks and a great laugh. We managed to run out of the cigarettes as well where Liz got a bit stressed at. After about an hour and a half maybe longer (I recall we left LJ's at 10:30 til Midnightish) we got to Xscape where we were gonna go into either Revs or Oceana (which was closed) but Revs but we didn't risk it since Liz wasn't at the 18 age yet. Tom left us here as well to go home. From here we ended up talking to some people and one girls had a major bargain of an outfit on. Then we went to Nexus at the Point because KKBB was on which is an Indie night. We had more drinks here and Liz got in even though she was IDed and he asked her her age and hes was the sober one. LOL Anyway we danced, drank, saw Emily Issac up here as well. We had a great time over here as well and got some great pictures of the night as well including a glowing bud...yep you read that right.

Artist: Eguchi Issei
Track: Kimi ga Iru Kara
Time: 5:00

This song makes me think of my friends even though they haven't heard it since its actually from an anime. Its a nice tune though.