Sunday, 25 February 2007

One of Those Weekends

This is what I would call just "one of those weekends". Work on Saturday was a bit hectic and there was a lot of new stock to go out which left half of my floor a complete mess and I was in a position where two people in power gave me two opposite jobs...really it is so irritating. Well I got in trouble and saw the angry face of my manager. It was actually very tiring with all that carrying and stuff. Anyway after work I went down Watherspoons for a few pints with my friend and met some new friends who once used to be in the year above. I ended up finding out all the ins and outs of Woolworths and about past managers, past relationships and...something rather trivial...anyway the night was quite good in the end.

Sunday was a nothing day really and got nothing accomplished. Though next week I have some time off of work so not too bad.

Furthermore I never gave a synopses on Naruto this week since I think in both anime and manga it was an amazing week in the story of Naruto. The anime was the bell training with Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi and compared to the manga version the anime version is so much better and I really enjoyed the episode. The manga version was a lot shorter but it should have the same outcome which is fine. Also the music was really good, the song (which I am gonna call the "Akatsuki Theme" until I know the real name works really well. Also I won't spill spoiler obviously the manga made me go...AHHHH OMFG!!!, so yeah really good week for Naruto.

Artist: Toshiro Masuda
Track: Sadness and Sorrow
Album: Naruto Original Soundtrack I
Time: 2:59

Friday, 23 February 2007

Payday/ The Choice

Well today is payday and I received just under £200 due to the small month so I only really got 2 weeks worth of pay. Still this money is gonna be looked after this time because I plan to be able to pan it out over a whole month's worth and still save some for uni and/or driving lessons. School was same old same old today for a Friday; had psychology which wasn't bad because Miss Crane put some 'tranquil' music on and Katy kept complaining about it. In the end she borrowed my iPod which kept her occupied in the end. Then I had Free periods and I sat with Maye, Stephen, Chris and Nat which was pretty cool. Then I headed up the city for some reason with Stephen who needed a knee support and I bought an album and some blank DVDs. Then I headed home and watched Naruto and got ready to go to work. Work was dead as usual and I didn't do much but at one point there was a flow of customers to keep me going. Entertainment played both Killers albums today which made things good and then a customer as one of my favourite songs came on said "God the music is terrible isn't it?", I was like "but this is one of my favourite bands". Getting home was different since I had to walk because my Mum and brother went down to stevenage to see Simon. Yep empty house...lolz

Uni has been on my mind as of late and I feel less bothered about Hartfordshire, not sure why though. Before I make my decision I am gonna check a few of them out like Coventry however I feel pressured into going to Hartfordshire just because I'll have accommodation and stuff already because my mum keeps moaning if I say I like another Uni so it doesn't feel like its all that my choice anymore (which is what uni is about). Its a little worrying but I plan to check a few uni's out soon because I wanna go to uni where I'll be happy not pressurised.

Artist: The Killers
Track: All These Things That I've Done
Album: Hot Fuss
Time: 5:02

Monday, 19 February 2007

A Bit Late...

It seems its been a few days since I got a post up, this was due to a few things with computer troubles. I'll take it from the start...

Friday 16 February

Well today Deejay, Leigh and I went to Birmingham to meet up with our friends from around the UK (The Center) and one from the US. Most of what happened is on either there or on Night and Day's Blog.

All in all it was an awesome day and I really enjoyed myself and everyone was really nice people. The laser tag game brought out another side to us all, whether its emotionless (Slyth) or SWAT like (Garlic).

Artist: Santa Esmeralda
Track: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Album: Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack
Time: 10:30

Saturday 17 February

Well today I had to go into work this time and the day was alright, not too dead and there was enough on the shop floor to do when there was no customers. After work I was meant to go out to Charlotte's birthday celebration however since I had EMA unpaid which was unusual during a half term period I had an extreme lack of money. However even though I had £4.70 for a taxi back Mum wouldn't really give me a lift over either so unfortunately I missed out on that and disappointed a few people as I have been told. So quite a boring Saturday in but I plan to go out this weekend to make up for it.

Oh and Happy 18th Cecelia!

Artist: Muse
Track: Falling Away With You
Album: Absolution
Time: 4:40

Sunday 18 February

Nothing much happened today since I was a little down about not making it out the night before though I found my iTunes has had half of my music gone and the songs on my computer needed re-uploading. Just great!

Artist: The Feeling
Track: Fill My Little World Up
Album: Twelve Stops and Home
Time: 4:04

Monday 19 February

Today was the start of school again and our slightly extended half term (snow) was over. Today was a nice day back though, got in on time (for once), talked with Cla and stuff on period 1 + 2 and got my psychology essay done! w00t! Then I had ICT which is always a good laugh and Deejay and I gave a good idea for Stephen's coursework. Then psychology wasn't bad either...yes I did say that, we worked in groups to prepare for a presentation tomorrow and my group consisted of:

It was good because we basically had to do the work on some sheet and then we spent the rest talking about alcohol, going out and Aaron's birthday. Also Aaron's phone went off and Miss Naylor asked me what I was doing?! WTF?!

Then it was home time and when I got home I found I had late EMA - a little too late. :( Then I made the effort and fixed my iTunes to the way it was, well pretty much. Some of the stuff still needs to be done but that can wait.

Artist: The Feeling
Track: Fill My Little World Up
Album: Twelve Stops and Home
Time: 4:04

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Hard Drive Mess

Well not too much happend today woke up late due to sleeping in and such. Then Leigh came round and we exchanged data from our hard-drives and such and then I had work. Thats about it.

Though my Hard-drive is playing ip now because when I put it in the drive source changed which messed up my iTunes and everything and now runs slower which really sucks. o_o

Artist: The Fratellis
Track: Chelsea Dagger
Album: Costello Music
Time: 3:35

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Dentist Prone/London Mayhem/iPod to the Max

As noticed its been a few days since I updated which is my bad I guess. Well I'll sum up my half term from the last update now. So nothing really happend on monday I guess that was the day of sleep and nothing...yeah. Tuesday I had the dentist and I found out my oral hygine is perfect...which translated is I take good care of my teeth(for the win!). Also I found out that one of my teeth is still a baby tooth. It was a new dentist since I changed from my last location and now go to the one in Stony Stratford. The interior is really nice, alot better than my previous one.

Today (being weds) I went to London to visit my grandparents since I haven't seen them in a good while. Although we didn't see them all that long only about half a day. The train journey was a mess; the fact this is all morning adds up. First of all there was some problem with the line so everyone was in a state of confusion. Even the staff had no idea whats goin on. We only needed to get off at Watford where we do some shopping (usually) but the train left and went straight to Euston and it was announced as the train left...good move train manager. So then we had to get an underground ticket which was stressful on mum since she got really confused at the underground machine...I was still very tired and hadn't properly woken up. The amount of people there were was crazy since it was first train on off-peak times. The rest of the day was okay though, or we say my brother found 5p for luck and it took affect (till he lost money to me in a stupid bet...not that I took it).

Updating my iPod just became more effort now though since its telling me I am offically at the limit on my ipod and out of it looks like at some point I'll be getting a larger one. I can't actually believe I have just under 30gbs of music alone.

Meanwhile heres a picture of my Grandfather's painting which he recently painted of a snow slope mountain resort...minus the resort.

Grandpa's Snow Slope

Artist: Sayuri Iwata
Song: Fugen ni Naru Watashi
Time: 4:13

Friday, 9 February 2007

Fog. Slosh and Snow

Well today was meant to be the last day of term but fortunately the school called it another Snow Day so I had the day off again. This time I slept til 10 when I had some breakfast and stuff. Then Leigh invited me out to the city so I went and I finally had my bonus and normal EMA come through, shame about last couple of weeks though. We went around finding some stuff to buy and I got:

  • Battle Royale Volume 11 Manga
  • Naruto Volume 1 Unleashed DVD
  • Crash
  • Clerks X
Then we went to Elements for lunch and we had the usual buffet. What was funny was the cocunut flavoured jelly deserts because neither of us liked them and they made my tummy feel weird. Saw Cla grocery shopping today aswell in her tracksuit. :O

Then later I had work, no not cancelled this time so I missed the party as a result. It was so dead today as well. Which is why they closed early yesterday not the original reason I had said.

Heres a pic from this morning of the fog that took over:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Artist: Keane
Track: Nothing In My Way
Time: 4:00
Album: Under The Iron Sea

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Snow Down

Well today I woke up actually early to get in on time and then I hear its snow and its quite high. So we had the local radio on to find out if school was on and it said it was cancelled for the day. What was really funny was that when I looked out the windown it seemed the car was gone...due to the snow. So it was a nice suprise because I still couldn't be bothered to go to school, really. Well I didn't get all the much done today though, kinda wasted it but I did go out and have a pretty funny snow fight with my little brother. I made some rather perfect throwing tools with snow.

Then I got a phone call from work telling me the store is closing at 6 due to weather which caused lack of staff or something and so I did not need to go in. Which made my day because I really could not be bothered to work as well.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Artist: Travis
Track: Turn
Time: 4:24
Album: The Man Who

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Day of Lessons

Well today I woke up late...well early but I was too lazy to climb outta bed. Anyway at school at the time I planned to do my psychology homework in tutorial, there was a talk about funds in uni which was interesting vut the speaker was boring. I did my psychology in Key Skills instead when everyone else watched You Got basically it was pretty much a pointless lesson. Rest of school is as it usually is, though I was still really tired. The highlight of the day was proberly the fact the fire alarm went off three times, one at the end of media, one at the end of lunch (to which I was late to psychology) and one during psychology which then Miss Naylor actually believed me.

When I got home I continued updating my iTunes to some extent and watched a new anime start to finish called Ray The Animation which is about a doctor who has eyes that can see anything pretty much. Its one of the shows that is related to another anime called Black Jack but he makes an apprence twice.

This was orginally meant to be the 6th February but I updated just past midnight so a little late on my part.

Artist: The Killers
Track: Sam's Town
Time: 4:06
Album: Sam's Town

Monday, 5 February 2007

The Blog Starter

Well I am getting quite frequent at posting at Deejay's and Cla's blogs these days that I'd thought I make one myself. I'll use it to talk about my day and any thoughts on my mind, also I am gonna "borrow" Deejay's song a day thing because I have kinda been doin that on my PC anyway so I might as well share it on here.

Well today was pretty interesting in the sense that I was so damn tired from Leigh's superbowl party since we were up til like 4:30. I managed to get through psychology in that hot stuffy room in that state...felt like a small accoplishment. When I got home I found some anime shows I downloaded are still running because they are series long torrents and I ended up fixing half of my iTunes. I really have far too many songs.

Anyway guys post here as well if you can and thats my first post...and hopefully many more to come.

Artist: Ben Folds
Track: Zak and Sara
Album: Rockin' The Suburbs
Time: 3:11