Sunday, 3 June 2007

Beating the Hangover

This is my first blog in 35 days which really isn't good. In that time involved my birthday, last day of school, Sarah's house party and many other activities which were just awesome...I just couldn't be bothered to blog so lazy on my part. To save the longest blog entry ever I will just start again from now.

Also thanks for some great times for past events everyone!

Now then onto the blog:

Yesterday was what I think a pretty hectic day, first of all I had a lack of sleep since I had trouble sleeping so at most I had only about five hours of sleep. Then the day was pretty much normal with work and such which was really dead upstairs due to Race for Life apprently so work went fine and Karl the store manager wasn't in due to holiday so he won't need to bother me with random jobs...which honestly I prefer if its off the shop floor. hehe. Also I am called Marshall by a lot of people now at Woolworths, confuses the hell out of those who don't know my surname such as those on other departments whom I don't really know myself.

Anyway after work I chilled at home and prepared for a night out. Since it was my friend Tom Meakins birthday, he organised a work mass gathering for his birthday and this time people who don't usually come, came!

Off the top of me head the following came along:


Not a huge list but some people prioritise work for next day but enough for a good time since I am closer to quite a few of the ones in the group.

Well I left home at around 10ish and got up for about 10:20 where I queued to get into Lloyds, the bouncer was odd since he thought I was drunk. My response - "I literally just came from home?" Anyway I get in to find they are still in the queue so I waited it out for five minutes, some of them had already been out at Yates since they arrived at 9 but I didn't want to get drunk too early. Once all were in we got some drinks, I got five shots of sambucca for the members who wanted it and they were; Tom, Dave, Adrian, Steph and I. Dave has Daniel buy him another shot and then doubled the original shot and waited for a light to light the dirnk. The lighting failed miserably so he took the shot and put the lighter in his mouth and lit it. Dave said it doesn't burn this way? I was unconvinced. We also hit the games machine doing the quiz on there which is interesting when drunk. We won and the shares were split which was nice, then it was time for more drink. After a while we got bored of Lloyds and headed outside which was an interesting walk since Tom ran a road nearly ran over with Kelly herself nearly doing the same. Crazy stuff for a short walk. hehe

We all headed off the Mood which is where the fun of the night really began since the small dramas between some started and we all got throughly drunk. The cameras all came out at this point as well. The night progressed as things do in mood such as dancing and so on. I also bumped into an old friend from my first school called Mark Dent which was a nice suprise its been ages since I seen that legend of a guy.

Then around 3am some people needed to go home. The first to leave were Adrian, Charlotte and Steph and then Tom and Gary headed in another cab down to Pink Punters, but a few of us decided Tom drank too much and was trying to persuade him to go home. Due to reasons we were unconvinced. For a while it was just Kelly, Beccy, Dave, Daniel and me who sat on the curb for taxi though we never found a correct one. We dirverted it to Blechely to make sure Tom got home and on the way dropped Beccy and Kelly home. Then until it £17 fare (black cab) we walked rest. The three remaining went through Blechely High Street which is strange a 3:30am. We got some weird video of us acting...well drunk. Tom did get home though and then he and his mom picked us up to take us home. I got back a 4am where sky was getting bright but never actually went asleep til 5.

I woke up at 6:50 since I could not sleep in the heat of my room even with the window wide open. I also intended to do some car-booting so early morning was a neccessay thing, though no one got up till about 10 in the end anyway. Strangely I had no hangover and nor was I tired. The weather today is beautiful and hope the weather keeps. Now its time wasting til 7 when I see Pirates of Carribean.

Artist: Gwen Stefani
Track: The Sweet Escape
Album: The Sweet Escape
Time: 4:06