Wednesday, 20 June 2007

From Summer to Storm

Yesterday I had an interesting day out in the sun, it was a very nice day which in a small affect brightened my mood. First I headed up to help my mum on Ben's birthday present which was an interesting process. Then straight after I had met up with Leigh and his Dad since my phone's screen died and they had the guarantee and I was quite lucky about that actually. My phone has been sent off for repair. When walking looking at phones and stuff in general we bumped into Sean on his lunch break whom is the same as always. We also had lunch at Burger King, my first fast food in a long long time since I am generally off fast food. However at least BK have cooked burgers. Since I found out at work all hours are cut and none available my old head of entertainment said it'd be better to hold a second job and Leigh informed me there might be an opening at Blockbuster which would be helpful for my savings this summer...and the pay is higher than Woolworths ironically. We went down there and I filled out an application then we headed back to Leigh's to play some 360 for a bit before walking his dog. When we got back we also headed over to PC World since I would not believe his docking station cost £20 since I saw an identical one in Woolies catalogue for £60. Though I was wrong and it was £20, so I purchased it since it would be very useful for me and save me the need of using pc all the time.

After this I headed off home and then I bumped into Zairene on her way back from extra study at her school...a day of seeing old faces I have to say. When I got home I didn't do that much but that night a massive thunder storm hit which was quite surprising and funny watching all the people outside run around in heavy rain.

Artist: James Morrison
Track: If The Rain Must Fall
Album: Undiscovered
Time: 4:05

Oh life can be strange
Good and bad in so many ways
And in time you will find
That things are not always what they seem