Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Longest Day

June 21: Official longest day in the year, and no kidding, there were still glimmers of light at 11:35pm.

Not a whole lot to talk about really now, my rooms has been throughly tidied now since I have cleared all of my school work from two years and it went to three bags full for the rubbish. Theres a small amount of it left since mother said its better to keep some just in idea why but why not. Anyway the room is not a lot clearer and only needs a few finishing touches and to dump by sell or charity shop some items. The music by Tom Jones, Muse and James Morrison also kept me in a good mood.

I have also started playing once again Final Fantasy VIII since one I found it and two its just awesome. Starting again always gets me right into it.

Work wasn't bad although due to all cut hours I had to run top floor since the other guy claimed he couldn't be bothered and that I do it much better apparently. Nevertheless it was more interesting that doing nothing.

Short blog but they happen.

Artist: Nobuo Uematsu
Track: Fragments of Memories
Album: Final Fantasy VIII Soundtrack
Time: 3:18