Friday, 15 June 2007

June Showers

Today I had my final exam in ICT and the last ICT thing ever...whohoo celebrate. However the night before I was really ill and still ill during most of the day which really swayed me, the walk to school I thought I was actually gonna be sick. Anyway once I got down in the exam and concentrated on something else I soon got concentrated though it took 15 minutes before I even used my iPod. I played Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack all the way through whilst in the exam and then the usual lot afterwards. The exam went quite well...well I say that but never again because last time we said that it was not so good so for now it was so so. I got all sections completed still so its somewhere.

After the exam I got down the bottom of J-Block to find that it was actually pouring and pouring down with rain. Cla and I were just sitting in contemplating whether to make a run for it. Before long Sarah and Cecilia came running in the rain both drenched. We sat around until we gave up waiting and made a run to the nearby shelter, when we got there I realised I forgot my iPod in the exam room, so I ran it and got drenched but got the Pod back. When I got back to Sarah and Cecilia the rain slowed itself for a bit and Cla was already gone though. Anyway we left the school and walked up, today was collection day for prom money so I had to draw money out for Cecilia who is paying it all. However we had to head to my house first since I needed my card. The rain was heavy and weak on and off so it was strange but we had some good old chit chat. Unfortunatly for Sarah and Cecilia they both had flip-flops and their feet got soaked. Anyway the long way to the city was interesting and when we got there the girls got themselves some food. Sarah headed to work, I gave money to Cecilia where we all parted ways.

From there it was time to go on a suit search for the Prom and even though I was back and fourth I got one at Suits You hired for £30. I went with a Tie over the bow-tie this time though. hehe. I also bought myself a t-shirt from H&M for £8 since I myself want some newer clothes since I am getting bored and I saw a t-shirt I wanted on the revision day. I didn't buy all much else since I am still lacking money despite getting payed due to tight budget.

Work came right around the corner so headed over to work which wasn't interesting really since it was heavily dead and too hot for its own good. I am planning to purchase a fan tomorrow provided its not raining for the walk home so that I can cool down my room which is like being at work in the summer.

Artist: Muse
Track: Muscle Museum
Album: Showbiz
Time: 4:22