Thursday, 7 June 2007

Viva las Vegas!

On this cloudy morning I had my MED 1 Media Exam which took a long time to get into the exam room. Mr. Bacon never read any of the year 13's sitting MED 1 and so we had to wait till the very end before even starting the exam. By 9:20am we finally got in and settled down. One of the Asker's (Rebecca) missed her name since she was sitting MED 2 but wasn't sure where to go. It was all a state of confusion really.

Anyway the exam clip was of a show back in 2004 called Blackpool which started some interesting names such as David Tennant and some names I can't recall either. Nevertheless none of the plot was shown but I was under the impression it was meant to link to Las Vegas. It was like a musical since all the characters shown were singing Viva las Vegas by Elvis. That song then rang through my head the whole exam. Thank god for Liz though since she gave me that Key Concepts book since I remembered stuff that I forgot on my read-up in the morning and made planning really easy. The exam itself went really well and I was pretty proud fitting all of MIGRAIN on in detail with what how and why to it all...pretty much.

The exam finished at 10:35 and we were out pretty fast, when asking Liz, Lizi and Hannah we all agreed it was rather easy...much better than a sky sports rugby advert. For part of the way I was talking to Sara about the exams and other exams we are taking. She has to do two History exams on top of the two media exams on the same day. Feel quite sorry for her.

The rest of the day was a bit of a laze and work later on was quite boring and unusually boring for a thursday.

Artist: Elvis Presley
Track: Viva las Vegas
Album: Elvis Presley: The 50 Greatest Hits
Time: 2:20