Monday, 4 June 2007

Well today being monday but can't be bothered to change settings, eight of us went to see Pirates of Carribean: At Worlds End. Deejay, Sarah, Liz, Pete, Tom, Cecelia, Anita and I all met around Cineworld at 6:30/7pm where we chatted for a while until it was time for the film. The cinema was pretty packed and sat infront of the barrier this time which was a rare thing. The film was pretty good, kinda dragged but the Jack Sparrow humour and epic battle at the end made up for it. There was a small clip which I had against me if it was a waste of time...which it kinda was. Though we had fun playing a game find your name in credits which I used to do when I was six. Tom won since Tom and Ryan are very popular names.

Other than that apart from the change in blog layout not much has happened.

Artist: Klaxons
Track: Golden Skans
Album: Myths of the Near Future
Time: 2:45