Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Last Chance...Didn't kick!

My final exam of my school life at St. Pauls Catholic School was today and it was my media studies which I was pretty confident about and happy to take the exam since I felt really prepared to give it a really good go. Gave a lot of time for practice exams and such making sure that I would do successfully. Well anyway I got to school at 11:30 to do some more work at school since concentration at home was lacking. I sat up in Sixth form area with Joe and Sara also preparing for media and just themselves finished their History exam. It was a good little discussion we had and made me remember some stuff I forgot in my media.

Mrs Howorth also asked us to vote for the nominations for prom awards and I found out I was one of four for Teenage Drama Queen...honestly I have no idea how but Mrs Howorth suggested I vote myself...so I did. heh

Then it was clinch time to take that final two exams and my mind was mentally prepared for MED4 since as far as I knew we were doing MED4 first, little I find I was mistaken. Both exams in general, I did far worse than I desired and far worse than I needed to get so I was not very much impressed with myself after the work I put in. The clips were hard to analyse in my opinion and my hand really hurt only after the first paper. After the exam I was very quiet and only spoke when spoke to really. My disappointment in myself took its toll and since then I have been thinking what I should do now I am questioning whether I make the Uni I desire. I was considering a college course to gain a few last extra points but my mom seems to be rather against it. In total its been a crash and burn day and kinda a downer to the start of my summer. I do hope everyone else does well though and good luck to them all.

Artist: Muse
Track: Hyper Music
Album: Origin of Symmetry
Time: 3:21